About us

“Not Art” is an online store and a digital artists community, introducing and bringing the hidden creativity in the digital artists' imagination and handy crafters' hands to the world. 

On the other hand, we are giving those who love uniqueness and artistic gifts the chance to choose a daily used product in their life in a theme or a design that expresses their feelings or moods.

  • Artists upload designs and artworks 

  • You find a design you love on a product you want

  • Artists get paid and you get Unique stuff.

  • Whatever you buy will be delivered to your doorstep

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Our Story

(Not art) is what has been said for years on digital artworks by traditional artists. We stopped explaining. Now we are building our own “Not Art” world.

Our dream is simple: to give all digital artists a new meaningful way by selling their creations at great prices. So they can make money from their original works.

Our Goal

To shift people’s eyes to art. To redefine artistic taste and make people realize the difference between art and not art. 

And to embrace the artists everywhere. To make them create more and unleash what in their minds without feeling disappointed that no one will see or appreciate it.